Skills Ready, formerly known as Construction Ready, supports young people as they explore and prepare for jobs in the skilled trades and technologies. At it's core, Skills Ready is designed to help youth be employable upon graduation.


The Right Attitude, Skills & Knowledge

Through consultation with industry and educators across the province, having the right attitude, skills and knowledge were identified as the three core expectations of young people as they start out in the skilled trades.  This concept of three core attributes is shared with students as the Industry ASK.

Through guided discussion and activity, students are introduced to the various ways that they can develop and demonstrate that they have the Industry ASK.  The Rubric is one tool that is used in classrooms and on worksites across the province to initiative discussion around what is and isn’t acceptable work behavior.

As students continue to develop an understanding of what it means to have “The Industry ASK”, they move on to the FutureBuilder online tool.

Focus, Plan, Take Action

FutureBuilder is an online tool that guides students through activities that give them experiences that will demonstrate they have the Attitude, Skills and Knowledge required of a new hire.

Students use FutureBuilder as a tool to plan and document their high school experience, while graduating students use it to prepare for apprenticeship. From Job Shadowing to joining a Sports Team or Club, the experiences that young people are accumulating are enabling them to become ready for life after school.

Through FutureBuilder, employers can create a company profile to receive and sort portfolios that students share with them. Employers can use the App to identify potential workers early in their career development and provide support and guidance to help the next generation realize their potential.

Access the FutureBuilder Workbook to view the types of activities students are completing within the app.

A Competitive Advantage

Through our Skills Ready initiative, we are able to build bridges between industry and the next generation of skilled professionals. By bringing industry members to the classroom via presentations and showcase events, youth are able to begin building their professional networks while still in school. In many cases these connections have enabled young people to land their first job on the way to apprenticeship much sooner than if they had attempted to connect with an employer on their own.


Connect with our Career Catalysts to explore ways that you can become a part of the Skills Ready community as we work together to build the next generation of industry professionals.

Create a profile on FutureBuilder and encourage the young people working for you or students you meet to do the same.  As students work through the various activities included in FutureBuilder, they can connect with you to share their progress.