Investing in research ensures a vibrant and progressive future for our Industry. As research projects are completed, the final reports will be shared here for full access.

Key Performance Indicators for BC's Construction Industry

This study explores the question, “Would it be useful if the performance of BC’s construction industry as a whole was tracked and reported?”  Construction KPIs paint a picture of the health of the industry as a whole. They also provide a set of tools that can be used by companies across the sector to evaluate their performance and raise their game against their peers, bringing lasting benefits to the whole industry.


BC Construction Innovation Accelerator

This study demonstrates the feasibility of a construction innovation centre sufficient for an industry advocacy organization (individually or in partnership) to gather the support and funds necessary to host and launch the programs and services that industry stakeholders need to foster a culture of innovation.
By fostering a culture of innovation, BCs construction industry will advance in the following 5 ways:

  1. Leadership – A cohesive industry that embraces and celebrates innovation.
  2. Performance — A responsible industry that continually improves projects’ economic, environmental and social performance.
  3. People – A talented industry that attracts a skilled, technologically-savvy workforce
  4. Growth and resilience – An efficient, competitive and profitable industry that drives economic growth.
  5. R&D – An advanced industry that develops and implements innovative new products, processes and business strategies.


Social Procurement - Vancouver Island Pilot

This study is being run in partnership with the Vancouver Island Construction Association and two Island municipalities. The objective of the study is to demonstrate innovative CRS leadership by designing, and building support, for an industry supported, standardised approach to a Community Benefit Tender; an approach that could then be templated and scaled provincially/nationally to showcase and contribute to the shaping of public policy.  Key learnings from the pilot will inform a recommended standard of practice for Community Benefit Infrastructure and provide three 'real world,' industry supported, examples.


Supporting Syrian Refugee Integration in the Construction Sector

The purpose of this project was to support refugees to identify employment opportunities in the construction sector. The main contacts were primarily the recently arrived group from Syria on Vancouver Island. This was ten‐week project lead by a summer student on behalf of the Construction Foundation of BC and it focussed on providing information about construction jobs, trades training and apprenticeship while gathering information about previous work experience and general interest in construction based employment.