Project Shop Class Grants may be provided to provincial high schools that demonstrate an active, collaborative approach with post-secondary training providers and industry; and/or who could demonstrate a desire and capacity to develop new and innovative approaches to increasing participation in shop/trades training in their school.

To be eligible to apply for funding, the applicant must represent a school or school board within British Columbia and be classified as a qualified donee as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Please consider the following requests when preparing your application for Project Shop Class grant funding.

  • Does the School/District currently have a trades training strategy?
  • Have the current shop/trades training programs grown over the past 5 years?
  • Is the current shop/trades training being offered, attached to accepted Industry training programs (i.e. ) that lead to a career in the trades?
  • Is there a collaborative relationship (or a strong desire for) with industry and recognized post-secondary training providers?
  • Is the training being provided or anticipated to be provided in line with provincial labour market demand for the trades?
  • Does the School/District have the capacity to deliver the training with certified staff and maintain the equipment in a sustainable manner?
  • What is the current commitment to trades training delivery?
  • Is the School/District able to fund its needs (staffing, coordination, materials, tools, equipment, consumables) from other sources (i.e., existing industry relationships, government grants) to offer provincially recognized trades training programs?
  • Is the School/District interested in innovative and creative approaches to increasing shop/trades training?

We are not currently accepting new applications for Project Shop Class Grants.

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Application forms will be available when the next granting cycle is made available.

Funding applications will be reviewed by Foundation Staff and our volunteer team of advisors, which is composed of construction industry professionals from across the province. Final approval will be made by the executive directors of the Foundation Board.

By applying, you consent to and acknowledge that the Construction Foundation of BC may share information about the application and/or your organization with our staff, donors, advisors and community partners.

Should you be successful in receiving a Project Shop Class grant from the Construction Foundation of BC, you consent to and acknowledge that the granting detail will be made public and shared on our website.

A follow up report on outcomes of the grant will be required one year after receipt of the equipment.

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