The PETYR PROJECT (Pathway to Employment & Training for Youth at Risk) provides support for youth at risk to build confidence through tutoring and applied learning opportunities. Activities range from tutoring to improve literacy, math, and tool use skills to discovering music and learning through hands on, practical experiences.

The PETYR PROJECT is in community, for community - enabling youth at risk to build the foundations for an empowered future.


The PETYR PROJECT helps youth at risk to minimize their personal barriers and increase confidence in learning as they build experience and skills that will enable them to create long term success in life.

Networked Supports for Employment and Training

Working with schools, existing organizations, and programs, we connect youth to a network of retired educators who provide mentorship and educational support to youth as they develop the skills and abilities that will lead to long term confidence and success.

Provide Mentorship

Helping to develop a young person’s connection to their community is key.  PETYR’s mentors are professional community members giving back to their community by providing ongoing educational support and career advice as youth develop the attitude, skills, and knowledge that it takes to be successful before and after graduation.

Develop Skills and Tool Literacy

The PETYR PROJECT reduces barriers and connects young people with the educational supports, tools and training needed to be successful in their futures. From literacy supports and math upgrades, drivers’ training and safety certifications, to trades gateways and and short term work experience - PETYR provides opportunities for youth at risk to accumulate the education and training needed to set them on the path to confidence and successful career progression.

Continued Support

The PETYR PROJECT provides the flexibility to meet with youth where they are and walk with them as they grow into their potential in life.

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