LearnSafe brings worker and public safety information to high schools

Every day high school students are developing the Attitude, Skills, and Knowledge (The Industry ASK) that will support them into safe, healthy and successful career pathways. Enhancing safety awareness for secondary school students in B.C. is an essential component of getting youth ready for employment and keeping them safe while in the work place. Schools recognize the need for more safety training and industry is ready to help.

The Construction Foundation of BC is focused on supporting young people and the educators who help to prepare them for life after graduation.  As part of our Skills Ready initiative, LearnSafe has been developed to bring worker and public safety information to your classroom.

Safety Talks

LearnSafe’s Safety Talks bring an industry perspective to the classroom. During a one-hour presentation, industry professionals will:

  • Share real-life experiences and learnings from the job site
  • Discuss the importance of a worker’s right to know, right to participate, right to refuse and right to no discrimination
  • Conduct activities that are designed to increase knowing and awareness of workplace safety
  • Demonstrate the various levels of personal protective equipment required for various occupations
  • Share links to valuable resources, provide materials and engage students in a Q & A session

Students will leave the presentation with an understanding of the importance of safety training and awareness on the job site, and why safety is a critical element in achieving employment.

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