Indigenous Skills is a celebration of the traditional skills, knowledge, culture and history of First Nation people from across Canada.

In a series of workshops and interviews produced by Kaska-Tlingit artist Dean Heron, Indigenous Skills focuses on the sharing of traditional skills from Elders and local experts to First Nation youth. Infused within the process is the crossover relevance to careers in the contemporary skilled trades.

The Skills/Competences Canada Virtual Showcase

The Construction Foundation and Skills/Compétences Canada partnered to produce an Indigenous Skills Showcase that aims to increase awareness and participation of Indigenous youth at the Skills Canada National and Provincial Competitions.

This year's Indigenous Skills Virtual Showcase shares interview highlights with First Nation professionals in Culinary, Fashion, Carving, and Design.  These videos share insights into their craft and the ancestral technologies that have been alive for thousands of years.

We look forward to taking the Indigenous Skills Showcase to the National Competitions in future years when can can all gather together in person!  In the meantime, we invite you to view this year's featured artisans and tradespeople.

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