Indigenous Skills is a celebration of the traditional skills, knowledge, culture and history of First Nation people from across British Columbia.

In a series of workshops produced by Kaska-Tlingit artist Dean Heron, Indigenous Skills focuses on the sharing of traditional skills from Elders and local experts to First Nations youth and their educators. Infused within the process is the crossover relevance to careers in the contemporary skilled trades.

Educator & Community Based Workshops

In collaboration with local knowledge keepers and artisans, we have developed community based hands-on wood projects utilizing local knowledge.

The projects will be used to demonstrate how educators can bring together Traditional Practices and Knowledge of the Community/Nation, the Safe Use of Traditional and Contemporary Hand Tools in the Classroom, all while meeting ADST Learning Outcomes.

These workshops are produced in a ‘masterclass’ format and will enable educators to follow step-by-step processes to creating traditional wood-based projects, all the while learning and enquiring about local traditional knowledge and methods.

Each interactive workshop will introduce contemporary and traditional tool use for all skill levels from beginner to intermediate, while providing educators with opportunities to:

  • Create meaningful conversations through creativity that inspires a community-based project with local knowledge
  • Explore projects that will be developed for the soon to be released Indigenous Skills: Wood Innovations workbook
  • Engage in discussions on how to prep for these projects based upon access to tools and available space
  • Assess and aid in the development of the safe practice of the use of various tools
  • Review project steps and contribute to new extension challenges and ideas
  • Make connections to ADST & cross-curricular learning standards
  • Take part in sparking creativity through hands on learning


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