The Back to Work project was launched in response to the impact of COVID-19 on the construction workforce. The project works alongside people to help connect with the jobs, training, or services that best fits their needs.

We work collaboratively with other service providers in direct support of job seekers and employers. We collaborate with employers, training providers, and labour unions to create better access to the trades.


The Construction Foundation of BC works with you to map your trades career. Whether you’re starting out or have worked in the trades for several years, connect with us to find out what come next.

Are you eligible to participate in the Back to Work project?

  • Unemployed people transitioning into their first trade job
  • Trades people needing to connect with stable work
  • Apprentices seeking to progress in or complete their apprenticeship
  • Individuals needing to challenge their certification (apprenticeship level or Red Seal)
  • Tradespeople looking to transition to another trade

In collaboration with several partners, we can provide:

  • Short term, trades discovery workshops for people looking to transition to a new trade
  • Help navigating employment and training services
  • Connection to multiple trades employers looking for apprentices and skilled tradespeople
  • Pre-Apprenticeship training for new apprentices
  • Help to plan and prepare for exam rewrites for apprenticeship levels
  • Tutoring and support to register for and challenge trades certification

For more information or to apply, contact the team via email at:

Partners, Funders & Donors

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