ALL ROADS is a partnership between First Nation Communities, their regional partners and the Construction Foundation of BC.

ALL ROADS partners with First Nations communities in a holistic manner to develop pathways that are inclusive, celebratory and community based. The ambition of ALL ROADS is to create a road map for program participants to find their way to lasting jobs in support of their communities.


ALL ROADS works with community members who are interested in the skilled trades – whether it be someone who has already completed several levels of training, someone who is interested and still needs to graduate high school, or those somewhere in between. Communities will work with the ALL ROADS team to identify and collaboratively support participants throughout their journey.

Community Road Maps

ALL ROADS will work with all relevant stakeholders in each Nation, as well as Knowledge Keepers and Elders, to establish employment readiness road maps based on a holistic view of traditional knowledge and skills that reflect the true needs and possibilities in the area. Plans are for the Nation’s own use and will be used to identify employment and training options for participants in the short and long term.

Individualized Road Maps & Support

Attainable road maps will be developed with each participant to help them overcome barriers to employment – from returning to school to pursuing new training opportunities. Each road map will lead to the participant gaining employment and career opportunities that are specific to their personal and cultural goals– whether in or out of community. We do this using four steps.

  1. Build up Work Readiness for Community Members – Work with schools and participants to build confidence, plan personal paths and improve readiness for work.
  2. Upskill for Jobs and Support Graduation – Math and Language upgrading and work integrated graduation paths (school credits for employment experience)
  3. Skills and/or Trades Training for Work - Increase informed decision making through exploration and build applied skills for the work available
  4. Supported Work and Apprenticeship Placements – Job placement, apprenticeship registration and support and follow up through employment.

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