Project Shop Class raises funds to rebuild and refit shop classes in BC schools.

Project Shop Class has raised and distributed over $3 million in grants for shop class equipment across British Columbia.

Initially started after conducting research into current gaps and needs in the apprenticeship and industry training environment, the Construction Foundation of British Columbia chose to take action to rebuild high school shop classes in BC. Our initial round of fundraising enabled us to distribute over $3 million in grants for shop class equipment across the province.

The BC Government’s recent $15 million investment into trades equipment in support of youth trades programs is a big indicator that our provincial government sees the value in nurturing and helping to develop the skilled workforce.

This investment strengthens our commitment to developing new ways to support and strengthen relationships between industry and schools/school districts to ensure the next generation is prepared for and aware of the opportunities available in the construction industry.

Our aim is to encourage British Columbians to develop practical skills and to encourage students to pursue careers in the skilled trades.